Karimganj (Assam) : A large quantity of cough syrup Phensedyl has been recovered from the theft on the Assam-Tripura inter-state border in the district. The value of the seized cough syrup is said to be more than Rs 3 crore. Now there was a plan to take only to Tripura.

Pranab Mili, in-charge of Churaibari police post, said that they raided a six-wheeler lorry (TR-01AR-1730) loaded with rice on the basis of suspicion on the other side of the inter-state border check post going to Tripura on Wednesday morning. There was no driver or co-driver in the lorry and the lorry was parked on the side of the road.

Policemen searched the bottom of the sack of rice loaded in the lorry and recovered 31,680 vials in 105 cartoons. The value of the recovered narcotic cough syrup Phensedyl has been estimated at around Rs 3 crore. No one has been arrested in this regard.