Quest for Anti Ageing is firmly founded on Stem Cells in your body

StemGenn Therapeutics, Stem Cell Services Company, is impeccably putting clocks of age back

New Delhi: The conventional wisdom that you cannot retrieve youthfulness gone by, do what you may, stands effectively challenged. Stem cells nestled in your body embody the tonic to surely rejuvenate your declining mojo.

Stem cell services are already making strides as new age medicine with ever growing corpus of sound clinical evidences. StemGenn Therapeutics, a stem cell services company, has firmed itself up as one of the most credible facilities to offer rejuvenation program. StemGenn Therapeutics’ Longevity, Anti Ageing wellness and Rejuvenation Program is meant to age gracefully and beautifully.

Dr Prabhu Mishra, owner and founder of StemGenn Therapeutics says, ‘Ageing is all pervading. The process involves all and sundry irrespective of our gender, nationality or culture. But with modern advancement of medicine, the holy grail of immortality is drawing ever closer.’

Dr Mishra further says, ‘  Stem cells rejuvenation is one such process by which, our appearance, whose value today counts more than ever, is encouraged to retain the shine, feel and tonality of its youth. While stem cells have several benefits, in the context of anti ageing, it is simply a technique of using the body’s own healing mechanism towards anti ageing.’

Stem cells are those unique cells who can adapt themselves to evolve and become a variety of other cells, they are the very foundation of repair in our bodies, and while their ability to multiply recedes with age, they mostly lie dormant in different areas like bone marrow and abdominal fat and are triggered once repair is required.

Dr Mishra adds, ‘Unlike embroynic stem cells, the process for Anti Ageing calls for MSC’s (Mesenchymal Stem cells) which are currently being used for treatment for several afflictions including Heart disease and cancer. MSC’s are easy to extract with most patients only feeling moderate pain during the procedure, these cells are then put back in the affected area (Face in Anti ageing) in order to promote growth and affect repair.’

According to Dr Mishra, ‘An important consideration to mark here is that there is no foreign substance that is being inserted; it is an individual body’s own repair block that has simply been directed towards the area which needs focus. The chances of rejection in this case are extremely low. Add to it the fact that the treatment itself can be done without General Anaesthesia and completed within a day.

By all accounts, those who have been a part of this treatment have reported a marked positive trend in not just the way the skin on the face appears, but even in the entire feeling of wellbeing that spreads through the body. Perhaps the fact that this process is more than mere surface treatment is what has led to it fast becoming an increasingly widespread method for Anti Ageing purposes.

The FDA though has not yet given approval for all treatment concerning stem cells, however as with all medical advances, the industry is encouraged to adopt and safely practice all procedures in a responsible manner. The effects of Stem cell rejuvenation are felt not just cosmetically, but in all those areas where ageing results in an obvious negative effect, including but not limited to, muscle and bond health, skin tightness, a healthy weight, improved libido and a general feeling of well being.

There are at least two prominent institutes whose studies have shown that stem cell rejuvenation can effectively reverse signs of ageing as long as the same are practiced safely and ethically.

In a world where we try and influence the body by using external agents, the use of Stem cell rejuvenation therapy can effectively be thought of as a Holistic and more rounded approach to finding solutions for the various afflictions that affect our physical and physiological being as we age. This is a process that is here to stay and its use across medicine is bound to only increase with the passage of time.


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