Varanasi : Drugs brought from West Bengal have been seized in Varanasi. The railway police seized drugs worth about Rs 11 lakh (market price) in the Vibhuti Express which reached Varanasi today after leaving Howrah. GRP jawans at Cantt railway station seized a total of 1 lakh 47000 injection Ampoules and informed the drugs department.

The drugs department, after examining the medicines, convinced the GRP officials that these injections are commonly used as painkillers. However, many people misuse this medicine and use it for intoxication. After this GRP seized all injections and medicines.

The name of the injection seized at the railway station is Beprenorphine. Doctors prescribe it to give relief at the time of pain. Drug Inspector Chandresh Dwivedi said that 49 boxes being unloaded from the parcel coach of Vibhuti Express at the station were suspected. When it was opened, 1 lakh 47000 injection ampoules were found in it.

The ticket collector was questioned in this matter. So he provided us with a list of parcel bookers. The firm which got the injection loaded in the train turned out to be from West Bengal. At the same time, it was being sent to the address of Anjania firm in Varanasi.

GRP Cantt in-charge Hemant Singh said that the owner of Anjania firm was called to the railway station for questioning. But, he presented only a few documents on WhatsApp and expressed his inability to come. After this the GRP police took action and seized all the injections. At the same time, further investigation of other documents has been said.

Hemant Singh said that legal action is being taken in this whole matter. Hemant Singh said that these Injs were brought from Howrah-Prayagraj Vibhuti Express coming from Howrah. Which have been handed over to the drug department. The price of this medicine in the market is said to be more than Rs 11 lakh.