Side effects of Depression on your Sex life

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Are you thinking depression is a minor problem? No, Let me tell you depression is not a minor issue and you need to consult a doctor if you face any of its symptoms. A depressed person can experience a number of problems and it also affects sex life & relationship as well.

Effects of Depression can’t be measured as it depends on the individual and the severity of the problem. Depression can change your life from good to bad as there are many things that get affected by depression.

We all love to be a part of society where we have friends, relatives, and neighbors. But a person with depression starts losing his/her will to socialise and want to stay alone. Social withdrawal automatically destroys many relationships.

Sex life is very important for any relationship and depression causes inactiveness that is not good for person’s sex life. Depression kills the feelings to be a part of any physical activity and feels tired and that’s why it is called as a sex drive killer. Depressed men start behaving aggressively and showing anger mostly and women mostly dragged deep into sadness and despair. This strange behavior change kills the excitement and warmth of a good relationship.

Enjoyment and success of sex life depend upon many things. Like lack of communication can break any relationship and they can’t express their feelings, emotions to let their partner understand. A depressed person starts thinking and taking everything personally and with this kind of negative thinking killing them from inside and that affects their health adversely. Support of a partner is highly required and being a partner, support and help them to get recovered from this.

A depressed person follows pessimistic approach and this totally ruin their positive approach to see things. Depression stops their thinking to get solutions to their problems instead they start feeling helpless.

To save your sex life and relationship, whenever you feel any change in your partner’s behaviors trying to know the reason and support them to understand the cause. Trying to give extra importance to a person in depression and stop thinking negative about your partner if he stops caring and loving you because it will break the bond otherwise.


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