Reality behind New year resolutions and parties!

With welcoming 2018, we again going to make resolutions to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat well, quit smoking and other bad habits and at the end of the year, most of us fail to keep our promises to ourselves. If many of us keep their health promises then there will be the downfall of 80% in heart disease risks, and 50% in cancer according to the health studies.

If you’re reading this post that means you too are conscious of your health status, so let’s think about some practical ways to get and stay healthy.

A bit of news makes me wonder what has happened to those Rave parties that the Delhi NCR crowd used to have and all over India, too. Country’s youth in the modern era adopting unhealthy eating habits quickly and getting addicted to drugs, drinks and smoke etc. at a price of their enjoyment. Youth, not at all conscious about their health and as a name of new year celebration, they consume drugs, drinks, cigarettes and other unhealthy items. After consuming these, many a times youth did things that are not right. We heard a number of cases of rape, murder, fights every new year starting.

But there should need to develop a social network to promote health care. With better information and support from those who understand health and youngsters mind well will help us to save our youth.


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