dhanNew Delhi: The reputation of Sir Ganga Ram as the best healthcare practices model in India has transcended the boundaries of the country. The unique working model of the hospital has emerged as a veritable study for the world. After delegation of Russia not long ago, a delegation from Belgium visited the hospital on 31st January to learn its ways of commendable working.   

A delegation  comprised of Doctors , Buisness students  and paramedical staff from Flanders Buisness School(FBS) of  Belgium  visited the hospital to see its working. They were here to study Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’s unique supply chain systems , day to day operations and working  management .

Dr Griet Vander Velpen , Medical Director from FBS Belgium, said ‘We are very impressed with unique working model of this hospital whereby doctors run this hospital and unique charity model whereby rich subsidizes treatment of poor. We are specially impressed with critical care department and disaster management system.

Welcoming the delegation Dr Ajay Swaroop , Chairman(Board of Management) , Sir Ganga Ram Hospital offered the delegation joint collaboration in the field of Research and Academics between two countries.

The Belgium delegation invited doctors from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to their country. The visit culminated with dinner at Belgium Embassy.

That Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is the standard of best medical practices is a common knowledge in India. The cherry on the top of the cake is that the reputation has gone global. Visits by foreign delegations to study the unique model bears this out. Not long ago Moscow Government Business Mission delegation visited SGRH to study medical practices prevalent here . The mission particularly praised its unique charity model whereby rich patients pay for poor patients.

Union Health ministers and other visiting dignitaries have invariably termed this hospital’s practices best in the country. They also call upon other hospitals in the country to emulate SGRH. People in general also look at this hospital as ethical in its practice. The Moscow Government Business Mission to New Delhi, a 21-member delegation of the medical workers of the Moscow State Healthcare Institution “City Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after Nikolay Pirogov” visited Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on December 11 in order to study best medical practices of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) and to establish working contacts with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital’s doctors and other colleagues.The 21 member Russian delegation was in particular interested to visit Department of Critical care and ICU.