Songs to embalm Troubled Mind, to spread Mental Health Awareness

MHCF releases number ‘Koi To Aaye, Do Pal Bitaye’

New Delhi: Observing Mental Health Awareness Week (4th October 2020 – 10th October), Mental Health Cognizance Forum (MHCF) has released bilingual Songs – ‘ Koi to Aaye, Do Pal Bitaye…’ in Hindi and ‘Don’t you give up, for you, I am here.’ in English.  The launch of the Songs, an initiative of under MHCF, is one of the most effective awareness activities undertaken during the week.

Under the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign, a series of programs/initiatives were organised and the Songs are expected to act as a Confidence Building Initiative especially for the Youth of our country. The song was penned down by Anmol Gupta (Unkahi Baat), Rani – Rajasthan in Hindi and Saurabh Nimbkar, Mumbai in English. Composed by Nimbkar who also sang the songs along with Anushree Kamath (Mumbai), Romay and Sarabjit Kaur (Faridkot). The Awareness songs of the MHCF were produced and promoted by Impact Public Relations Pvt Ltd.

Chavi Hemanth, Convenor, Mental Health Cognizance Forum, highlighted the mission objectives of the campaign and said “Through our efforts including the release of awareness songs, we are laying a foundation for “Happy India, Prosperous India.” Mental Health is an often misunderstood subject in India and as per prediction by the World Health Organization (WHO) roughly 20 per cent of our population suffers from some form of mental disorder. Mental illness constitutes one-sixth of all health-related disorders in India and as per WHO estimates may hurt India to the tune of $ 1.03 trillion between 2012-2030.”

“Music is a very powerful medium for creating awareness especially among youth and with this we would be fighting a population health hazard. India also accounts for nearly 15% of the global mental, neurological and substance abuse disorder burden. Awareness songs combined with clinical and other support systems would go a long way in fighting mental health problems,” she added.

“Communication plays a critical role in spreading awareness. Realising the gravity of the mental health issues and their cascading effects on socio-economic conditions of the country, Impact Public Relations joined hands with the Forum to provide all support. As a part of Awareness campaigns, we produced and promoted the songs. We hope to reach out to a large number of people through it,” said Kulpreet Freddy Vesuna, Founder and Managing Director, Impact Public Relations.

Mental Health Awareness Campaign also initiated discourse and dialogue in the society on the seriousness of the issue.

Dr Jitendra Nagpal Mentor, MHCF & Senior Consultant Mental Health, Moolchand Medicity said “India still has a fragile Support system for the management of Mental illnesses in the country. The manpower generation and social acceptance are the battles to be won. Through our campaign, during the week, we articulated an urgent need for creating robust Mental Healthcare ecosystem in the country.”

Mental Health Awareness Week campaign also encouraged children of all ages to share their drawings, paintings, poetry and video messages.  Professionals from all walks of society have joined this holistic mission and have pledged their resolve to work wholeheartedly towards this mission during the week. It is a laudable initiative which will create a foundation for Vibrant India and will inspire citizens to think objectively about the concern and come out with redressal mechanism for the burgeoning national concern.


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