Stem Cell Scientists’ upcoming Kumbh in Delhi is billed as a turning point

International Conference StemCell Xpress on November 24 is all set to unleash therapeutic potential of Stem Cells

New Delhi: Therapeutic potential of stem cells is making headlines in India like never before. Its efficacy in treating a wide range of diseases is being duly testified by success stories one after another. The upcoming International Conference StemCell Xpress and 3 days of workshop cum training slated from November 23 are billed as a turning point in the evolution of regenerative medicine.

The approaching Kumbh on regenerative medicine will unveil a congregation of globally renowned Who’s Who of regenerative medicine. CosmoStem Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine ( CIRAM) , StemGenn Therapeutics and  Anti Ageing Foundation ( Society of Regenerative Aesthetic & Functional Medicine) have joined hands to facilitate this crucial conclave on future of medicine. Over 150 delegates from across the world are going to make this conference a must- participate event. Stem Cell, Anti-ageing and regenerative medicine would be hot issues on the carpet.

Stem Cell Xpress 2018 has the goal to fulfil the prevailing gaps in the transformation of Stem Cell science of hope, to serve promptly with solutions to all in the need. Faculty includes Dr Vishal Mago from AIIMS Rishikesh, Renowned Cosmetic Gynecologist Dr Navneet Magon, Dr Mustafa Aldam From Dubai, Anti Ageing Doctor Dr Graham Simpson, Pioneer Dr Sharda Jain, Dr Gautam Shah, Chairman Scientific committee.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Prabhu Mishra, Organising Secretary, said, ‘The study of regenerative medicine has the potential to help scientists and clinicians devise early-intervention treatments for traumatic injury or degenerative diseases, by re-growth or replacement of cells or tissues. Originally an outgrowth from the field of tissue engineering and defined as the practice of replacing damaged tissues and organs or stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal, regenerative medicine has now expanded to encompass the use of stem cells for modelling disease as well as autologous transplant and therapeutic delivery of functional molecules, the production of tissues and organs in a dish, the role of immune function in tissue repair, and the burgeoning area of biomedical engineering.  Regenerative medicine is highly cross-disciplinary and serves as a bridge between basic science and clinical medicine.

Dr Prabhu, first rate stem Cell scientist and pioneer in stem cell therapy in India, further said, ‘Stem Cell applications augur a complete transformation of medicine. There is an ample evidence of its transformational prospects in research related to it. Stem Cell therapy is proving sure fire solutions to a host of end stage degenerative medical conditions. In many orthopaedic and neurological problems such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, autoimmune diseases et al, Stem Cell therapy offers a definite hope. It offers a lot of hope for infertile couples too, even to those who have lost their hope after multiple times of IVF treatment and for those with thin endometrium and poor ovarian reserve.’


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