RAIPUR :¬†Police are continuously taking action to stop the supply of misused drugs in Chhattisgarh. Meanwhile, Raipur Police has got great success. Police have arrested Viral Mukesh Bhai Patel, director of Gujarat’s V-Care Health Care Company, which manufactures narcotic pills used in intoxication in Chhattisgarh, from Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat.

In fact, on October 11, 2022, six accused were arrested by the police in police station Azad Chowk area with a large quantity of intoxicating pills, but the main kingpin was absconding.

ASP City Abhishek Maheshwari and ASP West Devcharan Patel told that the main accused Viral Mukesh Bhai Patel used to sell drugs through Akash Vishwakarma, a drug dealer from Jabalpur, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, And used to consume pills used for intoxication in Odisha. He used to give 80 percent of the total production to Maa Narmada Company of Jabalpur. The production of tablets and syrups was done in Himachal pradesh and continuously supplied in this region. Akash also used to collect money by sending pills to different cities for consumption of goods.

About 95 percent of the market of tablets and syrups consumed in the state was occupied by Gujarat’s V-Care Health Company. In the last one year, more than 50 lakh such tablets and syrups have been seized from across the state. Viral Mukesh’s office was opened for search in Mehsana, Gujarat, but the police could not find any office there.

According to information, Viral Mukesh used to mix the content of Tramadol, a medicine given in stomach pain, in order to make the drugs used in drugs Spasmo and Alprazolam more effective. Tramadol is addictive when taken in high doses. It is said that the cost of these pills is hardly 50 paise per pill, which the wholesaler sells for two rupees. By the time it reaches Raipur, its cost is three to four rupees. Drug traders sell through middlemen for Rs.50 per pill.