The FSDA Team Seized Unauthorised Drugs Stock Worth ₹ 1 Lakh


Agra : On Thursday, the divisional team of the FSDA raided the New Amit Drug Store in Bhadrauli Bah, Agra. Assistant Commissioner (Drugs) Akhilesh Jain said that the firm has a license to sell limited drugs. Schedule H, H-1 prescription category drugs were also being sold unauthorisedly here. The drugs were confiscated.

The Assistant Commissioner (Drugs) said that a large quantity of prescription drugs were found kept in the drug store. Prescription drugs cannot be bought, sold or stored on a restricted drug license. All Schedule H, H-1 drugs were seized on Form-16. Samples of 6 suspected drugs were also collected for testing. The estimated value of the seized drugs is around Rs one lakh.

He said that after a complete investigation in the case, a complaint will be given on behalf of the drug inspector in the competent court. Drug inspector Navneet Kumar, Kapil Sharma were associated in the team of FSDA.


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