Jim Corbet (Uttarakhand): Between November 10 & 13, the air in verdant and iconic Jim Corbet National Park was awash with thoughts about Intimate Well Being of Women, key to their real empowerment. Cosmetic gynaecologists and stem cell scientists from home and abroad congregated here to decipher the bodily pleasure principles defining women’s holistic health. The bottom desire of women and ways to facilitate it was thoroughly discussed and comprehensively updated. The theme of rejuvenation of wasted body confidence was of a piece with the fresh and seducing environment of the setting.

In the four-day,Master’s Symposium on Cosmetic Gynaecology, they resolved to make this speciality mainstream in India to cater to the unmet needs of women here. In the world’s first of its kind convention, the focus was on how to boost women’s body confidence. The thrust of discussion revolved around art and craft of rejuvenating bikni area. One takeaway from the event is that cosmetic gynaecology has come of age and it needs to be brought out of closet to offer women their due.

The iconic park witnessed the growing cult of intimate wellness of women in India and the resolve to cure them of pleasure deficit disorder caused by wear and tear through time. The symposium showcased the Regenerative Medicine’s power in reversing the onslaughts of ageing. The symposium was innovative, holistic and Emphatic.

Luxurious and innovative REGENERATVE, Aesthetic & Functional Gynaecology Symposium was held under aegis of IASRM (The International Association of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine). The venue in Uttarakhand, the land of God, lent its sanctity to the symposium. Participants from across the globe had occasion for amazing scientific learning.

Talking to Medicare News, Prabhu Chandra Mishra, Founder President of IASRM and Organising chairman of the symposium said, ‘this kind of academic activities and exchange of knowledge will transform the healthcare and holistic health in India. This is the era of REGENERATVE and FUNCTIONAL medicine bringing several advances in various diseases like stress urinary incontinence, poor ovarian reserve, Early menopause, Lichen sclerosus, vaginisimus, Vaginal atrophy and various intimate and aesthetic procedures. IASRM is also conducting various training & short courses for doctors, researchers and industry specialists to create awareness and advances to the field.

World’s leading & esteemed Speakers exchanged their expertise and knowledge in the symposium. Luminaries included Padma shri Dr Manjula Anagani, Dr Vidya Pancholia , Dr Attila Fogarassy, Dr Matt Stefanelli, Prof Dr Elvira Bratila, Prof Ayman Qatawneh, Dr Manish Mahajan- the list is long. The entire organising committees Dr Kavita Todkar , Dr Nidhi jha , Dr Ana Maria Mihai they all shared similar point views about holistic health and underlined that anti-Ageing is the need of hour in holistic health and management.

Ace stem cell scientist and entrepreneur also addressed advances in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine bringing new hope to longevity and metabolic health. According to him, regenerative medicine can well slow down the ageing process. Such congress being annual affair of IASRM, Mr Mishra announced that the next one will be in October.