The Supreme Court arrived against the nomination rejection PS Chatwal will keep its favour

Torak Pharmaceutical company managing director PS Chatwal has now appealed to the Supreme Court against the rejection of the nomination.

Torak Pharmaceutical company managing director PS Chatwal has now appealed to the Supreme Court against the rejection of the nomination. Chatwal said that the election commission has also been in the approach. But his appeal was not heard, when the high court arrived, he told him helplessly in the election Commission case. Now, they have appealed before the Supreme Court. For this, the country’s eminent advocate team will preside over the Supreme Court.

Chatwal said she is not going to be frustrated, she is the last-minute to fight. If the Supreme Court did not get a positive response, the President would also appeal. This was stated by Chatwal in a press meeting convened at the corporate office of the company, Sector-34, to hold the party on Thursday.

MPs not to fund, willing to spend budget
PS Chatwal said he did not want to come to politics by adjusting money, power or family. They have given a lot to the society. He also wants to return to the society. It was his goal to make Chandigarh the most beautiful and prosperous city in the world, but he was not given the same contest. While he had a vote in 1994, he was not able to vote. He considers politics to be very dirty but now wondered how good it would be when he would come to the ground to change it. That was the intention to fight the election. Of course, the MP gets five crore annually, he is ready to put his money. This city is a very rich people. It should be explained to them that everyone is willing to give the bread, sit in the school and help in providing facilities.

51 claimed to have changed the city in the days
PS Chatwal said that it was the single story-making city for a limited population by Lee Karbuda. At that time, cars were also Guinea-chosen. The open air and beauty were the examples of people. But, now, 11 lakh vehicles have been there. There is an open air, but it has been poisonous by smoke. 30 minutes are wasted every day on the traffic signal. But if they get an opportunity, first focus on CCTV by eliminating the traffic signal. Now, the policemen are required to stand for 12 to 18 hours of duty. Chatwal alleged that there was pressure on him to take bribes from above. If their salary is good, they need not be bribed. In this era too, overhead wires are hanging. When the thunderstorm comes, the electricity is stopped. The three-crore machine leaves and the other all cleaning and making the manure packets behind. Such a technique needs to be used.

Distinguished personalities from AMR
PS Chatwal is the richest person among the candidates for the nomination for the Lok Sabha elections. In an era, he used to be a medical retentive. He then started the work of making medicines. Says Chatwal He has made 895 drugs with his hands, which is a record. There are many other products he is preparing with pharmaceutical company.


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