War on Ageing begins; Indian Army in Anti Ageing Race too

Craze for looking Younger in 2020 than in 2019 is all the Rage

New Delhi: Call it war on Ageing if you will. Not to speak of civilians, even Indian army men seem to be in quest of looking younger in 2020 than they did in 2019.

The speech of Dr (prof) R.K. Tuli, former squadron leader in Indian Air Force, on ‘Holistic Medicine for Anti-Ageing’ in International Spiritual Festival2020 under aegis of Life Positive Foundation starting February 29 is a much anticipated upcoming event.

Dr Tuli is a trained army doctor and has for long been practising as an ace holistic medicine expert in his clinic SOHAM in New Friend’s Colony. Evidences galore bear out that Dr Tuli has cured even terminal medical conditions through his drugless treatment protocols. According to Dr Tuli, Holistic Medicine is a sure mantra of Anti-Ageing.

The beneficiaries of Dr Tuli’s holistic treatments also include former Air Chief Marshal S. P. Tyagi who convalesced in SOHAM while he was still Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force. While training to do para jumping to become the first serving chief of any service in the world, he suffered C7 Radiculopathy with Pain and Numbness extending into his left arm. He was advised by the Specialists at Army Hospital Referral & Research to give up his training. Dr Tuli says, ‘But, he came to me seeking Holistic Medicine Therapy, and after just 10 sessions, he fully recovered from his ailment. He was fit to return to para jumping, and fulfilled his mission to establish the world record.’

Ex and serving army men often visit SOHAM clinic for treatment. This is despite the fact that there is an excellent army hospital in Delhi with all the latest facilities for modern medicine. Seeing the efficacy of Dr Tuli’s holistic medicine, Army Hospital Research and Referral (AHRR) has gone on to tie up with this clinic for a pilot project. As holistic medicine has been found to be an effective means of Anti Ageing, Indian army may well be on rejuvenation trip.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Tuli says, ‘Anti-Ageing is the need of the army. It is globally acknowledged thinking that Defence Forces must be Young and Fighting Fit, should have long Teeth and Short Tail. Holistic medicine will go a long way in keeping army young and fighting fit. Holistic health means no drugs – no dope in treatment.’

Last week first 2 day Anti-Ageing conference in India was held in Hotel Hayatt under the aegis of Smart A4M INDIA MMI. In this meeting, stem cell scientists from all over India participated. They touted that stem cell therapy is emerging as panacea for all diseases. Speaking on Anti Ageing, stem cell scientists from Mumbai Dr Pradeep Mahajan a trained medical doctor and Chairman of StemRx Clinic said ageing is a disease, not merely a natural process and stem cells can reverse it. He said anti ageing is future of medicine.

So, the new decade beginning with start of 2020 is going to be race for anti ageing. Ageing will be increasingly viewed more as a disease than a natural process of growing old. Apostles of anti ageing say humans should live lot more years than they usually do. The signs of growing old could be averted for a long time to come. As increasing evidences show, craze for looking younger than years is not ill founded after all. But many spurious peddlers are also crowding the Anti Ageing market.


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