Women’s Intimate Well Being Walk in the Park, thank Stem Cells

Jim Corbet poised to showcase Regenerative Medicine’s Power to Rejuvenate Bikni Area


New Delhi: Jim Corbet National Park is all poised for an enticing new flavour- the enunciation of how to turn women withered by age and custom as verdant as the iconic park itself- empowering them by restoration of their intimate wellbeing, a sine qua non, for keeping sex chemistry of married women with male partners thriving. The iconic national park will hold aloft hope that there are effective ways now to transform women as good as new- the hope of green shoots in their lives.

In first of its kind 4-day symposium beginning November 10 here, experts of Cosmetic Gynaecology and Stem Cell Therapy Aka Regenerative Medicine from home and abroad will showcase how their competence for rejuvenation of women’s private zone famously called as Bikni area has come of age. Add to it, the flaunting of power in its armamentarium to sex them up even after menopause. The renaissance of woman’s intimate body may be round the corner ‘what with this symposium sending message loud and clear that cosmetic gynaecology is fully equipped to undo the ravages of time and underlining the unmet needs of women suffering from inevitable changes in their intimate body parts over time.

Women’s body may be amazing but changes in private zone make them off putting for their partners. It can be extremely frustrating for a woman to feel that she is losing spell on her partner due to these changes. The fear that her partner may go astray, thanks to these changes lurks deep within.Mutilation of a woman’s external genitilia due to birthing and slowing down of orgasm and sexual urge is a huge source of suffering for married women.

Talking to Medicare News, Organising President of this event, Prabhu Mishra, an ace regenerative (stem cell) medicine scientist, said, ‘Thankfully, cosmetic gynaecology coupled with stem cell therapy is now well equipped to cater to their bikni area rejuvenation needs. It has come to the fore that there is pent up craving for private zone rejuvenation among married women. The need is to bring this craving out of closet and private area rejuvenation being looked at as real need and right of married women. I am cocksure this symposium will go a long way in letting married women’s sexuality needs emerge out of shadows. There should be no shame in visiting credible cosmetic gynaecology clinics. As the quality of ambience underneath bikni is a must for keeping sex chemistry thriving, cosmetic gynaecology can well be a veritable glue in keeping partners bounded up together until death do them part.’

Mr Mishra further says, ‘It is given that mauled, mutilated and unsightly bikini landscape is repulsive to male partners and adversely impacts sex life. But given many advanced methods to cater to bikni area, this silent suffering must come to an end. Thanks to cosmetic gynaecology, it is also time to sex up even after the onset of menopausal winter.’

The transnational event is being organized under the aegis of International Association of Stem cell & Regenerative Medicine (IASRM). World leading experts are participating as speakers, delegates and partners. Some of the globally renowned names are Dr Red M Alinsod, Dr Adrian Gaspar, Prof Dr Elvira Bratila, Padma Shri Awardee dr Manjula Anaganai , Dr Vidya Pancholia , Dr Tinatin Tomadze, Dr Matt Stefanelli, Dr Diana Mihai, Dr Attila Fogarassy, Dr Manish Mahajan. Intimate wellbeing and anti-ageing will be the buzzwords. Mr Mishra says, ‘this symposium will focus on holistic 360* approach of wellbeing, longevity and anti-ageing.’


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