Zeelab Generic Pharmacy: Revolutionising Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Brijendra Malhotra

Zeelab Generic Pharmacy is launched by Zee Laboratories Ltd with a clear goal of providing low-cost quality medicines to all parts of India. The medicines sold at Zeelab Generic Pharmacy will be 50% to 90% cheaper than any other equivalent branded medicine. Zee Laboratories ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals and aligned products since 1993. The company proudly boasts that all its medicines are manufactured at WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units and that the prices of these products will be the lowest across the Indian subcontinent.

Zeelab generic pharmacy is incepted with a mission to revolutionise the Indian pharmaceutical industry by providing world class quality medicines at affordable prices. The offering is beneficial for the end customer as they will get the same products with same effectiveness and efficiency, manufactured at the same plants where other branded medicines are manufactured at 80% lower prices. Moreover, the offering is also beneficial for the retailer as they will earn additional income on the products sold. To become an exclusive retailer of zeelab generic pharmacy, you may contact +91-9896245514. Zee Laboratories aims to open 10,000 pharmacies by year 2021 and it is aggressively growing by signing pharmacies across India.

Moreover, Zeelab Generic Pharmacy supports the Indian economy by providing entrepreneurial opportunities to existing pharmacists and other prospective individuals. The Zeelab Generic Pharmacy will also immensely reduce healthcare budget of every citizen of India by providing low cost medicines at places where they are needed the most. It also supports the Prime Minister’s Make in India drive by promoting Indian made generic medicines and helps Indian Economy to compete on the global scale. Zeelab Generic Pharmacy is a humanitarian initiative by the leading pharmaceutical company as it works towards its goal of providing world class quality medicines at the lowest prices in the world.


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