Apollo Hospitals moved ahead to be custodian of your heart

The healthcare major launched India’s first heart disease prevention & reversal programme

New Delhi: “Billion Hearts Beating” fame Apollo group of hospitals took its commitment for creating a culture of healthy hearts in India to the next level.

On the eve of World Heart Day 2017, it launched its country’s first program for prevention and reversal of heat diseases. The program, that would be available in 60 Apollo hospitals in India, draws on global clinical research with proven results.

The Healthy Heart Programme is a fee-based, annual and personalised heart disease reversal programme which at enrolment stage classifies patients into high or low-risk based on a physical screening encompassing 14 important health parameters. The program is supported by proprietary customised CRM (customer relationship management) infrastructure specific to the programme. Thus from creating nationwide awareness for healthy heart, the group has now offered itself to be custodian of hearts.

Inaugurating the ambitious healthy heart program, Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals said, ‘India urgently needs to insulate its demographic dividend from calamitous NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases). Lest it engulfs the productive swathe of the population, the country must move forward to stem it.’

Dr Reddy further added, ‘Heart ailment’s data especially is daunting. Already around 20 percent of heart attacks observed across Apollo Hospitals are in the 25-35 yrs age group. In the wake of these scary numbers from among productive population, the situation seems headed for a disaster of sorts. Apollo group of Hospitals, being always in vanguard of campaign for healthy heart, has created a program that will go a long way to ward off the impending heart catastrophe”

The patriarch Dr Reddy whose search for heart surgeon for his teacher culminated into the pioneering healthcare conglomerate is particularly passionate about health of heart. The campaign “Billion Hearts Beating” which was launched in 2011 went a long way in creating awareness for healthy heart.

Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, said, “In keeping with the spirit of the National Health Policy, the Healthy Heart Programme aims at prevention through a comprehensive approach to heart health. Most patients we see today approach the hospital or consult a doctor only when they experience some serious discomfort. This program is developed to engage with patients, as well as those prone to heart disease, well in advance to ensure that they receive all-round consultation and thereby prevent/reverse the possibility of a heart attack.”

The programme, launched ahead of World Heart Day observed on September 29, is tailored to help persons prone to heart diseases and patients already suffering from heart ailments to arrest and reverse the progress of the diseases.


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