Sipahijala: In a successful operation near the Bangladesh border at Sonamura, Sepahijala District, Tripura, the Assam Rifles intercepted a major drug smuggling attempt, seizing 20,000 Yaba tablets on Wednesday.

Acting on specific information, the security forces launched a rapid operation to counter the illicit activities in the region.

Upon reaching the targeted location, Assam Rifles personnel observed the movement of two suspicious individuals traveling at high speed on a motorcycle near the Bangladesh border. When challenged by the security forces, the individuals failed to stop and instead attempted to escape the scene. In pursuit, the Assam Rifles team engaged in a chase with the motorcycle.

As a result of the pursuit, the motorcyclists, in a panic, threw two sealed packets into the bushes near the forest road before managing to escape, taking advantage of the dense foliage and forest cover. Following a thorough search of the area, the Assam Rifles team successfully recovered the two sealed packets, revealing a stash of 20,000 Yaba tablets.