Acute Shortage of Doctors in Gurugram


Gurugram, Pawan Kumar Bansal

Gurugram is known as millennium city of the country and providing maximum share of revenue to the State. But here medical services are is poor shape.It minds sound unbelievable as  Gurugram has several five star hospitals namely,Medanta, Fortis and Amritas also where even patients from abroad visits for treatment .But we are talking about services available in  Govt,. Hospitals and Dispensaries, as  but to speak of a common man even middle class man cannot afford treatment at private hospitals. Abhay Jain who has got information about shortage of doctors and other staff through R.T.I.  has urged Haryana Chief Minister,Manohar Lal and Health Minister Anil Vij to pay attention towards solving this problem.

In absence of adequate medical facilities  at Govt. Hospitals, patients are forced to get treatment at costly private hospitals .

Even private hospitals who have been provided subsidized land by the Govt. for opening of hospitals are not providing free treatment  to patients living below poverty line despite the provision in agreement between them and the  Govt. for allotment of subsidized land .

According to information got under R.T.I there are 105 sanctioned posts of medical officers for Gurugram district whereas only 67 medical officers are posted in the district. Abhay Jain of Manav Awwaj Sanstha says that it is strange that as many as 38 posts of medical officers are vacant in the district which is alarming in view of number of patients visiting Govt. hospitals for treatment.

Gurugram  district did not have super specialty health and dental services.There are two Govt. hospitals in Gurugram town .In sector ten Govt. hospital 24 out of 42 sanctioned posts of medical officers are lying vacant,In main Civil hospital nine posts of medical officers are lying vacant,One post of deputy medical superintendent is lying vacant, As many as fifty posts of staff nurses are lying vacant.

Situation is worst even in remote areas of the district.Three out of seven sanctioned posts of staff nurses at Primary Health Center, Patudi are lying vacant, Three posts of staff nurses are vacant in P.H.C,Farukhnagar.In several villages post of staff nurses have been sanctioned but no appointment has been made.

Situation is pitiable in Mewat. Posts of ,medical officers and  staff nurses are vacant in several Primary Health Centers.

Shockingly surgeries in Civil Hospital Gurugram had to be suspended for almost about twenty days as air conditioners installed . in operation theaters  became defunct,Surgeries were suspended or emergent patients were either referred to Delhi hospitals or have to get treatment at costly private hospitals Repair of air conditioners was trapped in red tapisam. Air conditioner system in operation theater needed annual services which was not provided by the contractor .Now the hospital authorities have sent a proposal for sanction of budget for repair of the air conditioning system. Meanwhile two air conditioners have been installed in operation theaters and one in maternity ward.These air conditioners have been installed only as a substitute  for the existing air conditioning system which needs repair.Million dollar question arises as why arrangements were not made in advance for repair of the air conditioning system which is must for the operations.

Gururam lacks super specialist heart and dental services .


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