Bangla Sahib Gurudwara witnessed magic healing, thanks to SUJOK Therapy

International Sujok Association’s first 4 day Mega Camp in India established its efficacy beyond doubt

New Delhi: The ‘Seed’ that was sown nearly 35 years ago in Korea has grown into herbs of panacea. The ‘Ballpoint Pen’ that wrote Sujok Therapy is scripting magical healing success stories. And in no time Sujok therapy as a ‘Magnet’ is attracting patients of all hues all over the world. The efficacy of Sujok, a unique Korean healing methodology, is now making very strong ‘Points’ in the realm of alternative medicine.

The iconic Bangla Sahib witnessed number of eye- popping magical healing in the 4 day mega camp of Sujok Therapy starting February 14. Over 7000 patients were treated to their utmost satisfaction. Over 70 doctors from around the world, say from Korea, Russia, Iran and USA and even 200 Indian Sujok doctors came all the way to this camp to spread awareness about Sujok Therapy.

Surprisingly, seeds, ball pens, rings and magnet are tools of this simple and cheap but, unexpectedly, magical method of treatment. These tools are applied on the energy points on hand and foot of a patient. The therapy balances the energy flow in the body.

Ms Pooja Anand, Sujok Therapist in Indo German Natural Health Centre at Safdarjung Development Area, who is the member of International Sujok Association said, ‘ Of all the healing success stories that this camp essayed, the one that of a paralyzed lady stood out and amazed even renowned Sujok therapists.’

Ms Anand said that the paralysed lady was wheel-chair bound for nearly 10 years. But lo and behold! In four days of Sujok therapy, she started walking, of course a few baby steps but it can be said with certainty that long term therapy will give her legs and hands. Over 7000 people were treated in 4 day camp, among them many had healing of a life time.

This was International Sujok Association’s first Mega Camp in India which established its efficacy beyond doubt. People with different kind of stubborn pain were relieved most. A patient with pain in hip joints for over 10 years had a pleasant surprise to be relieved.

The case of Ms Puja Anand herself is that of proof of pudding is in the eating. Her own treatment by Sujok therapy converted her into a Sujok Therapist. She was afflicted by a condition in which her blood would thicken and then form clots. In 2013, she had a cardiac arrest. She used to take 13 medicines but still unmanageable. A chance Sujok Therapy made all the difference to her. Now she is a registered and renowned Sujok Therapist.

Talking to Medicare News, Ms Anand said, ‘SUJOK is a wonderful alternative medicine therapy. It is drug free and people magically get healed/ treated by simply using seeds, colours, magnets, accupressure, accupunture,  mudras and  meditation. Black pepper, Fenugreek (methi dana), Mung daal, Kidney bean (rajma), Apple seeds, muskmelon seeds et al are medicine. The colour is also a medicine. We can treat by the colours of ball pen. Seeds are bound on the points of hands by a paper tap for 8-10 hours. In diabetes methi seeds are very effective, Kidney ailments can be treated by using kidney beans. I have successfully treated over 2000 patients. For arthritis and diabetes, it is a very effective methodology of healing.’

This therapy was invented by a Korean philosopher and scientist Prof. ParkJae Woo in 1986.  This system of healing is popular in Europe, Russia, and Israel and in India it is spreading fast. Now, both his sons Prof Minchul Park who is Doctorate in Chinese Medicine  and Prof Minkyu Park who has done his masters in Traditional medicines are practising Sujok Therapy and are working hard to spread this therapy worldwide were also there to treat in the mega camp.

Talking to Medicare News, Prof. Park Minchul, Global President, International Sujok Association, said, ‘It is a fantastic healing methodology. It has no side effects. It is unbelievably cheap and cost effective and needs no sophisticated equipments. It is so easy to apply and easy to understand. Sujok Therapy needs to be popularised far and wide.’


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