New Delhi: In continuous crackdown on illicit drug menace, Central bureau of Narcotics, New Delhi achieved a major breakthrough and busted the clandestine illicit drug syndicate operating at M/s V K Enterprises at New Shobatia Bag Area in Prayagraj and arrested the proprietor Vipul Tiwari s/o Vinod Tiwari of the firm.

The firm was a distributor of various NDPS medicines which are meant to be disbursed under strict medical supervision. Central Bureau of Narcotics seized the following NDPS drugs:

Ketamine- 6273 Vial, Tramadol Tab- 4530 Tab, Tramadol Cap.- 113616 Cap, Tramadol Inj. – 12150 Inj Alprazolam Tab. – 136200, Diazepam Tabs- 8600, Diazepam Inj. – 1200, Clonazepam Tab.- 8500, Chlordiazepoxide Tab.- 300, Lorazepam Inj.- 3910, Nitrazepam Tab. – 4100, Codeine Phosphate tab- 150, Codeine Phosphate Syrup- 890, Etizolam Tab. 200, Clobazam Tab.- 3200, Pentazocine Inj.- 26890, Buprenorphine Inj.- 1225, Buprenorphine Patch- 12, Fentanyl Patch- 309, Fentanyl vial/inj- 2817, Medicinal Opium Pills- 220 Grams, Midazolam Vial – 325, Morphine Sulphate Inj. – 140, Morphine Sulphate Tab.- 660.

The firm was consciously indulged in diversion of NDPS medicines into the illicit drug market.

It is pertinent to mention that Fentanyl is one of the most potent medicines which is used for acute pain management and this medicine may cause casualty if it is not taken under strict medical supervision.

A case crime no. 01/24 has been registered and further investigation in the case is under progress.