Central government cautions states for not lowering the guard against Covid-19 growing cases

M.K. Pramod

New Delhi: Central health department has written letter to states governments caustioning them to be alert for some states and Uts have seen a sustained growth in Covid cases.

A letter signed by Rajesh Bhushan, Health says that upcoming months are likely to witness mass gatherings in context of various festivities as well as several yatras to be held in different parts of the country. It further says that during many such events/yatras millions of people  undertake intra and inter-state journey spanning hundreds of kilometres with halting points arranged by volunteers and community based social and religious organizations. Since such congregatios may potentially facilitate transmission of infectious diseases, including Covid-19, that letter says.

So, it is advised to the states that it is essential that we should not lose gains in respect of Covid that was achieved through collaborative efforts of Central and State Governments, the letter mentions.

For preparation of such mass gatherings it has been envisaged in the letter that fully vaccinated and preferably asymptomic people must participate in gatherings. For vaccination purposes people to be participating in events should be vaccinated a fortnight in advance. At the same time, testing facilities should also be made availble at different levels.

The letter also advised that all these precautions should be disseminated and implemented right up to ground level.




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