Yoga has been a Great part of Healing in Sir Ganga Ram

The Hospital celebrated International Yoga Day with Delhi BJP MP Gautam Gambhir


New Delhi: Yoga has blended seamlessly into modern therapeutic system of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, being unequivocally rated as the best healthcare model in India. As vouched by none other than Dr D S Rana, Chairman, Board of Management, Sir Ganga Ram, Yoga has for long been a great part of healing in the hospital. Yoga proved a godsend in desperate times of deadly Corona Pandemic as it greatly reduced stress levels in the infected patients.

Yoga unit, Department of Alternate Systems of Medicine at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital today celebrated International Yoga Day (June 21).

Gautam Gambhir, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, graced the occasion as chief guest and profusely batted in favor of yoga as a great instrument of health and wellness. He himself performed Yoga along with Doctors, Staff and Students. Many of attendants of patients also voluntarily joined in the program. Dr D S Rana also did yogic postures with the cricketer turned politician.

Dr D S Rana, Chairman, Board of Management, said,‘We at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was the first in Delhi in private sector to have started Yoga Unit in 2002.Till now it has benefitted thousands of patients. It is integral part of Department of Alternate Medicne like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, etc.’ Speaking on the occasion, MrGambhir praised the efforts of Prime Minister in taking Yoga all over the world.He stressed for research on yoga to be increased in hospitals.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramesh Kumar, Yoga Teacher, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, ‘Besides normal extensive use regularly on patients, Yoga was specially used extensively during Pandemic times. It gave wonderful and surprising benefits to patients. Most importantly, it helped reduce stress levels in patients. Yoga also greatly enhances the immunity of a person, which is very crucial aspect body’s defence system’.

There is no doubt now that stress is the biggest risk to health. Yoga being great stress buster, its marriage with modern medicine has resulted into substantial curative outcomes in hospitals. Its role in preventive healthcare cannot be overstated but even in curative health, yoga quickens the recovery of patients under modern medicine. Not to talk of patients, yoga even heals doctors. Yoga has become the integral part of lifestyle of doctors as well. Yoga has become the be all and end all of wellness for those who care for health.


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