Ghaziabad / New Delhi: In a CME (Continuing Medical Education) organized jointly by FOGSI Infertility Committee and Gunjan IVF World, the impending entry of Robot and Artificial Intelligence in the domain of ART (Assisted Reproductive Treatment) proved themes of much anticipation. These cutting-edge advancements are bound to bring about a tectonic technological shift leading to far improved outcomes in assisted birthing processes namely IVF and ICSI.

Talking to Medicare News after the event on May 5, Dr Gunjan Gupta Govil, a renowned fertility expert and Founder of Gunjan IVF World, said, ‘Assisted birthing is on the cusp of great technological tectonic shift. The upcoming Robotic ICSI and use of Artificial Intelligence in the selection of best embryos have caught our imagination and ART experts are eagerly awaiting their introduction. Robot hand will stop eggs going astray from the line of oncoming sperms for fertilization. These advancements will certainly give great fillip to assisted birthing outcomes.’

The CME attended by over 50 gynaecologists and IVF specialists marked the gracious presence of Dr Archana Verma, Vice President, North Zone of FOGSI (The Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India) and Dr Kundan Ingle, Chairman, Infertility Committee of FOGSI. The forum also discussed better fertility practices, myths surrounding IVF and ways to hammer home the point that infertility is a disease, not a blot or curse on infertile women or men, among other themes.

In a press conference after CME, Dr Gunjan Gupta, answering to a question, said, ‘The success rate of IVF depends on the centre you chose. In best of breed facilities including Gunjan IVF world, the success rate has reached 70 percent. She added, ‘though take-home baby is priceless, the cost of IVF is not at all a bomb. The cost is such as can easily be afforded by people of all economic strata’. She further said that there is not a shade of difference between an IVF child and normally born child. IVF baby is as normal as a naturally born baby.

With 2000 take home IVF babies under her belt, Dr (Mrs) Govil claimed to have treated 14000 infertile couples so far. Co-founders of Gunjan IVF World, Dr Pradyot Kumar Govil and Gaurav Singhai shared expansion plans of Gunjan IVF World. They said, ‘ Based on  our very good outcome experiences so far plans are afoot to open new IVF centres in other cities as well as the footprint of infertility is increasingly widening its dragnet.’