‘Zink Pills’ needed for Buildings in India to be Healthy & Environment Friendly

Building Material Leaders Aludecor & Nedzink join hands to revolutionise Construction Industry


New Delhi: The use of Zink as building materials could be a game changer and name changer in India in times to come. As Zink is a crucial nutrient for human health, it also makes buildings healthy and environment friendly. As construction industry is reckoned as biggest polluting industry, the use of Zink, which has many healthy attributes, may prove godsend. As of now, the share of use of Zink as building material is miniscule 1 percent in India.

India’s leading manufacturer of Metal Composite Panels, Aludecor(which might have to be christened as Zinkdecore in times to come if Zink becomes the rule rather than exception), and world’s leading manufacturers of rolled Zinc materials, Nedzink, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to galvanize the use of sustainable and environment building material solutions.

Extolling the virtues of Zink as building material, Dr. P R Swarup, Director General, Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) said on the occasion that Zink is going to be the part of government regulation. Branding Construction industry as main villain of the piece so far as pollution is concerned, he said use of jink could be big part of the solution. According to him, Zink is  least grren house releasing building material, consumes less energy and above all highly sustainable.

Given the attributes associated with Zink as building material, it should be doubtless the first choice. Healthy home is where Zink is. Call it Zink building instead of green building if you will. To sound discreet Erwin Smeets, Group Business Development Director, NedZink said it does not follow those other metals used are lesser.

Nedzink’s partnership with Aludecor is being looked at as a milestone in India’s building material sector. Nedzink from the past 130 years is providing Zinc in buildings for façades and roofings across the globe, and this sustainable metal has enormous potential in India’s underserved but growing market. Aludecor who has been offering unique façade products for over 20 years, is enhancing its sphere of influence and adopting innovative sustainable solutions.

The two giants have decided to team up to bring rolled Zinc products to India, leveraging Nedzink’s renowned and world class zinc manufacturing capabilities.

‘This is a great moment for the nation wherein two of the leading players from the field are joining hands together to bring a green, sustainable and recyclable product in the country. Zinc as a metal is more durable, 100% recyclable, long lasting, maintenance free, low greenhouse gas releasing, self-healing, and consumes less energy compared to other metals from mining to production. The benefits of Zinc for the society are immense.’ says Aludecor CMD Ashok Kumar Bhaiya.

‘We will be providing rolled titanium zinc for applications in façade cladding, roofing, and other innovative applications,’ Mr Bhaiya added.

India has ranked third in the world for LEED certified green buildings (representing nearly 2.8 million gross area square metres (GSM) of space) in 2021 in the US Green Building Council (USGBC) annual list. This product is going to add a lot of value to India’s growing prowess of green certified buildings.

Total market size of Metal facades in India as on date is approximately Rs 4000 crores and is set to increase to over Rs 5,000 crores in the next two years. Out of this, zinc metal façade products, currently contributes less than one percent which is expected to grow to 5% in the next 2-3 years thus, becoming a 250 crores market. “Aludecor is targeting Rs. 1100 Crores revenue turnover by 2025 from addition of new products to its portfolio and export business”, informed CMD, Ashok Kumar Bhaiya.

“India is a key market for us and we will be focusing aggressively with Aludecor to popularize the product here. With NedZink’s advance technology and expertise in producing high quality titanium Zinc sheets sustainably produced in our plants, Indian consumers are going to experience a product which is long lasting and is sustainable.” says Erwin Smeets, Group Business Development Director, NedZink.

Aludecor is aggressively expanding the manufacturing capacities by adding another factory which is going to be commissioned before the year end at Haridwar. This would increase the total coating capacity of Aludecor to 22000 metric tons.

“To qualify as a Green Building there are certain criterion such as usage of Sustainable materials and using sustainable construction practices. A green building is an architectural space that is created from natural and sustainable materials as well as formed using a process that does not significantly damage the environment around it. It is in sync with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and India’s commitment to protect the environment.


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