Jaipur : A fake clinic operating in Shanti Nagar in Hasanpura was raided and a man posing as a doctor with a hotel management degree was arrested for distributing medicines.

This has raised questions about the functioning of the health department and officers posted in drug commissionerate. A complaint regarding this reached the Drug Commissionerate Shivprasad Nakate.

A team of Deputy CMHO Dr Praveen Jharwal, ADC Anil Agarwal, Subhash Chandra, DCO Ramprasad Kumawat, Mamta Meena, Atul Bhardwaj, Komal Roopchandani, Ashok Meena and Poonam Mahindra conducted the raid.

Team of Medical, Drug & Ayurveda Officers Secretly Started action on the fake clinic

“DC” kept asking on phone who informed the media about action on a fake clinic in Shanti Nagar in Hasanpura. Team of medical, drug and Ayurveda officers secretly started action. There was panic in the entire area, then the information went viral. When the media personnel reached, the officers of the drug department became alert. “DC” even called and asked questions and answers to the “DCO”. And then asked who informed the media about the action? However, seeing the delicacy of the occasion, the “DCO” gave a roundabout answer.

Dainik Bhaskar reported that “The team of the Drug Control Wing in Jaipur has caught a quack doctor. The team has found a stock of allopathic medicines worth Rs 9 lakh from Jholachhap’s house and clinic. It is surprising that the expiry date of all these medicines had passed. The action was taken following a complaint made by the doctor’s own brother.

Drug Controller (I) Ajay Phatak told – A few days ago, his own brother lodged a complaint against Iqbal Agwani in the department. Alleged in the complaint – His brother has kept a large stock of medicines at home. Neither does he have a license for this  nor any valid medical practice certificate to practice medicine and sell medicines. Even after this he runs a clinic at another location. sees patients, gives medicines. On receiving the information, we formed two teams on Friday and sent both the teams to home and clinic.

Stock of medicines worth Rs 7 lakh found in the house

When the team raided Agwani House on Banasthali Marg, a large stock of medicines was found there. When we checked the manufacturing and expiry dates of the medicines, we found that all these medicines had expired. During this, when they interrogated Iqbal Agwani, he told them that he had a certificate of medical practice. On the basis of that these medicines have been brought. When asked for a copy of the certificate, he said that it was kept at the clinic.

Certificate not found at the clinic

When the team reached the clinic, no certificate was found during investigation. No such documents were found which would prove that he has permission to practice medicine. At the same time, a stock of medicines worth about Rs 2 lakh was found at the clinic. Apart from this, equipment used in medical practice like BP measuring machine, stethoscope etc. were found.”