Exercise- The best method to cure Stress

By: Rakesh Saini
Nothing can beat regular exercise as a stress-busting technique. Exercise is the best way to dissipate the excess energy, especially if you have a sedentary job. It can be as informal as taking the dog for a walk, or dancing at home to your favorite music. Experts recommend that we exercise at a moderate intensity for a minimum of 30 minutes, most days of the week. Exercise not only improves health and reduces stress, it also relaxes tense muscles and helps you to sleep. It causes the release of chemicals called endorphins into your bloodstream, making you feel relaxed and happy. As such, it can be a helpful tool in fighting depression and anxiety, as well as keeping you trim and reducing your risk of heart conditions and stroke, managing high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain.

What To Choose Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and dancing are all great forms of exercise. It is also a good idea to vary your activities to avoid boredom. For example, if you normally exercise indoors, try an outdoor activity.
Excuses, Excuses!
If you find yourself making excuses, write them down and assess each one. Perhaps you say:
I don’t have the time/money.
I am not the sporty type/no good at exercise.
I don’t enjoy exercise.
I am too old/tired/overweight/self-conscious.
I can’t be bothered.
However, exercise doesn’t have to take place at the gym or on a treadmill. Anyone can exercise even without spending money, leaving the house or having a particular skill. And everyone feels better afterwards. Just remember to warm up and cool down, to avoid injury.
Walking Even the least fit among us usually are able to incorporate some walking into our schedules. It’s free, and strengthens the heart and lungs as well as the legs. It also helps to prevent osteoporosis, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helps with diabetes, and increases flexibility.
Yoga reduces stress and improves strength, flexibility, coordination, circulation and posture. It may even reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, dating back more than 5000 years. The word yoga means union, and was originally designed to lead to union of the human spirit with nature.


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