Indraprastha Apollo launches Cancer Survivors’ Directory, Registry & Facebook Page

Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani addressed cancer survivors meet organised by Nursing Department Centre of Excellence

New Delhi: Indrapratha Apollo hospital launched cancer survivors’ Directory, Registry and Facebook page to better connect with each other and build a long last, sustainable support structure for patients and survivors. The meet of cancer patients and survivors organised for this was addressed by Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani for providing them with much needed divine solace and succour.

The event is part of the initiatives taken by the hospital’s Nursing Department Centre of Excellence (CoE) quarterly campaign. The event is a consequence of the focus for the CoE being Oncology in September, and October being known internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The event was led by Capt. Usha Banerjee, Group Nursing Director, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.

‘Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that can affect anyone. Someone who is diagnosed with cancer does not just face huge physical difficulties, buts it also takes a toll on the mental faculties. Patients face extreme levels of stress as well and physical pain and discomfort. It is very important to have a support system in place with qualified counsellors and survivors to help affected patients go through what can be one of the most trying period of a person’s life,’ Dr. Ramesh Sarin, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals said.

The event also saw motivational speaker and Brahma Kumari teacher, Sister Shivani address a gathering of 250 people, including oncology patients, survivors, their family members and staff in the Apollo Auditorium. The address was followed by a cultural performance by Apollo cancer survivors and staff.

“Cancer is that kind of disease that a person affected by it needs to be surrounded by tremendous amount of positivity. This is very important as the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a patient; all play a role is surviving the disease. The disease affects the finances, relationships, emotional state and even the daily routine of patients. It is important that even people that have survived the disease participate in the process for those suffering from it. Personal experience goes a long way in helping maintain positivity,” BK Sister Shivani said.


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