Low-Quality IV Fluids bottles seized at SKIMS

IV Fluids are mainly used to treat dehydration.

Medicare News

4,400 bottles of intravenous fluids including Normal Saline (NS), Dextrose (DS), Ringer Lactate (RL) and Sodium Chloride (SC) seized during raids at the pharmacy department stores at Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura. A team of inspectors from the Drug and Food Control Organisation (DFCO) raided pharmacy stores after receiving a tip and seized poor quality bottles of IV fluids in the raid. IV Fluids are mainly used to treat dehydration.

DFCO said that the administration of SKIMS Soura had violated the Drug and Cosmetic Act by supplying “poor quality” intravenous fluids to thousands of patients. The team collected the samples of all categories of drugs for detailed examination so that prosecution can be initiated against SKIMS officials.

DFCO will also be going to file a case against SKIMS officials after the test reports come from the labs. Irfana Ahmad, Deputy Drug Controller of the DFCO said that we acted after receiving a complaint from some of the city doctors regarding the “poor quality” of IV fluids in the drug stores of SKIMS Soura.

The issue is serious as it relates to the health of the people of Kashmir. DFCO officer also said that the SKIMS pharmacy department was under their scanner for a long time after receiving several complaints in the past. DFCO acted previously for the past complaints and found many violations. SKIMS drug dispensation comes under DFCO jurisdiction as per the Drug Act, so DFCO closely monitoring it.


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