NCB Raid On Hyderabad Net Pharma Firm Busts Drug Network


Hyderabad : The Narcotics Crime Bureau (NCB) raided an internet pharmacy, JR Infinity Pvt Ltd at Domalguda, that was allegedly arranging the supply of psychotropic medicines to users in the USA and other countries, arrested a man and seized Rs 3.71 crore on Sunday.

The NCB Hyderabad sub-zone said it was acting on specific inputs. The NCB has not identified the arrested person.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, NCB deputy director-general, operations, said the prime suspect was an important player in an international pharma drug trafficking network. In the last two years, the suspect had carried out more than 1,000 illicit diversions and shipments of drugs from India to the USA and within the USA, he said.

The NCB said that the employees of JR Infinity used to contact customers abroad over email and VoIP and offer drugs including those covered under NDPS Act for recreational use. Once the deal was struck, the employees collected the customer details and shared the payment links with them. Multiple payment methods were offered, including account transfer, credit card, Paypal, bitcoins etc. On confirmation of the payment, JR Infinity used to illicitly divert drugs to the customers.

The psychotropic tablets trafficked by the accused were oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, diazepam, lorazepam, clonazepam, zolpidem, tramadol etc.

Several laptops, mobile phones and electronic gadgets used to operate the illegal internet pharmacy were seized. Based on the material and cash seized, a case was registered by NCB Hyderabad. Investigation into digital evidence was underway, the NCB said.


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