Nizamabad: Expressing concern over the increase in the use of intoxicating substances in the district, Commissioner of Police Kalmeswar Shingenavar said Nizamabad was one of the top three districts in the State in Alprazolam consumption.

Taking part in the District Level Anti-Narcotics Committee on Wednesday, the police commissioner said Alprazolam was used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety, but many use them as narcotic substances. Last year no cases related to ganja cultivation were registered in the district, but many people were selling ganja by bringing it into the district from other areas, and raids were being carried out to keep an eye on such people, he said.

Cannabis was being cultivated on a large scale in Odisha and reaching the district through Andhra region, and to stop the flow of ganja special surveillance was being carried out in the border areas of the district, he said, adding that police was coordinating with excise and other departments to check the transportation of ganja and other narcotic substances in the district.

Stressing the need to create awareness among students and youth about the ill-effects of drug use, Collector Rajiv Gandhi Hanumanthu emphasised the need to stop drug menace in educational institutions and directed officials to set anti-drugs committees in schools and colleges in the district.

He directed the officials of agriculture, forest and other departments to alert the field level staff regarding the cultivation and use of ganja in the district.

“If the sources of narcotic substances such as ganja are identified in the district and who is selling them, and to which areas they are being transported through the district, the supply and consumption of narcotic substances can be controlled,”he observed.