Jodhpur : Many cattle rearers in the city are playing with the health of animals and peoples in the temptation to increase the milk in cows. They are injecting harmful oxytocin to cows, which is harming humans through milk. Along with making men impotent, it is also causing diabetes and kidney disease.

Menstruation in women is uncontrollable. At the same time, children are becoming like adults before time. When Bhaskar visited the cattle sheds of Milkman Colony on the complaint that this injection was being sold openly, the complaint was found correct.

The Bhaskar team did a sting in the Milkman Colony area and bought three bottles from two places. Where 200 ml bottle was also Rs 50 and 150 ml bottle was also available for Rs 50. Despite all these, the Drug Control Organization and the administration are sitting with their eyes closed.

Although this injection is used in delivery of women and pregnancy of milch animals. The basic purpose of this injection is related to gynecological diseases, but through animals this injection is harming the human body through milk.

Bhaskar team did recce in Milkman Colony area. For about two hours, information was gathered about the availability of oxytocin in Milkman Colony. After this Bought two bottles of oxytocin from one place in street no. 3. Whose hundred rupees were taken. After this, Bhaskar bought an injection in a white plastic bottle for Rs 50 from a place in street number 13 of Milkman Colony.

While the rate of both 150 ml and 200 ml of this injection was recovered at the same rate. These injections are being sold on a large scale in some of the places where cattle rearing enclosures have been built. Apart from Milkman Colony, there is information about their sale at many other places.

Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department, Dr. Sanjay Krishna Vyas told that it is very useful in milch animals. Along with increasing milk, it works to relax their body, release egg and sperm etc. But if someone is doing too much then it is bad.

If a cattle farmer is injecting a cow for a long time, then he is playing with its health. The life of this injection is three minutes, which comes out later. It is a hormone that the body makes itself. Its use is fine till the disease of animals.

“We do not have information about this. If this is the case, we will take immediate action in these areas after taking permission from the higher authorities in Jaipur.” – Dinesh Kumar Taneja, Assistant Drug Controller