StemGenn Therapeutics takes Pole Position in Stem Cell Therapy Services in India

With a team of over 20 experts comprising doctors and Ph.D Scientists, StemGenn is scripting a robust national footprint

New Delhi: As stem cell therapy comes of age in India, StemGenn Therapeutics is calling shots in stem cell therapy services scripting a robust national presence. With increasing footfalls of domestic as well as foreign patients in its centres, the company is poised to be in a pole position in the fast emerging field of cell based treatments of a number of diseases defying conventional options.

Dr Prabhu Mishra, its founder and CEO, has earned an enviable place in the domain of stem cell in a very short span of time. As a stem cell scientist, Dr Mishra’s name is to be reckoned with both in home and abroad. With a doctoral degree and extensive training in Biotechnology, Stem Cells and Regenerative medicine, Dr Mishra’s treatment success stories augur a tremendous future for stem cell services in the country.

Starting with a very small clinic in East Delhi, StemGenn footprints now encompass six centres all over India including in Delhi and counting. StemGenn is looking for investments for further expansion. Efficient and affordable stem cell services are its unique selling points. Talking to Medicare News, Dr Mishra gave a candid lowdown on his journey so far.

The company was co- founded by Dr Prabhu Mishra and Richa Jha in 2014. It specializes in cell therapy for orthopedic and neurological problems such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuronal Disease (ALS), Spinal Cord Injuries, Strokes, Auto-immune Diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and Diabetes, along with Anti-aging treatments.

Dr Prabhu Mishra says, ‘StemGenn Therapeutics is driving development and commercialization of cellular therapies and stem cell research through using innovative technology and science. Under its aegis, many active research projects in stem cell biology and development of novel products and protocols are under way.’

Richa Jha, having gained expertise in marketing and business development projects in stem cell biology, is playing a critical role in the growth of the company. Ms Jha says, ‘It was not a straight road ahead. Undeterred by initial barriers, we forged ahead keeping in mind the immense potential of stem cell therapy. One of the major challenges that confronted us was to create awareness about the benefits of stem cell therapies among both medical fraternity and the public at large. Of course, bringing investment for this emerging field was another daunting task.’

As to what prompted him to take to this area, Dr Mishra said, ‘Being a biotechnologist, I always wanted to do something innovative in the field of healthcare and medicine, especially for the degenerative conditions due to which people are dying every minute, like diabetes. There is no cure for it except medications. But, with stem cell therapy, we can prevent the micro vascular complications of diabetes by managing it.’

StemGenn has designed a unique ‘Total Body Rejuvenation’ program, which includes skin aging, appearance, and inner wellness.  Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Nutrigenomics, and personalized Anti-Aging are also its components. StemGenn Therapeutics has also established medical tourism relationships to tap into foreign patients.



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