Kanpur : The condition of two patients deteriorated after metronidazole injection at Halat Hospital of Kanpur Medical College on Tuesday. After this, the Chief Superintendent of the hospital banned this medicine. He said that all the medicines received in the hospital have been recalled from the wards and all recalled Bottles will be sealed and sent for investigation.

Chief Superintendent of the hospital, RK Singh, said that all the stock sent to the wards, apart from the stock kept in the store has also been sealed. A committee has been formed to investigate the reality. There will be five members in this committee who will have all the information about the medicine. He said that now only Metrogyl injections coming from Medical Supply Corporation will be given to the urgent patients admitted in the hospital.

RK Singh said that the injection had worsened the condition of the patients. That medicine is from Ahmedabad company Otsuk. There is a complete ban on purchasing this medicine. Now this injection will never be bought in Halat in future also. Earlier, the condition of many patients had deteriorated due to the use of the same injection in the maternal and child ward.

RK Singh said that these injections were sent to 17 wards, out of which the condition of two patients admitted in Ward 3 has deteriorated. There have been no side effects to the patients in any of the other wards, but despite this, this medicine has been recalled from all the wards.