Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government is taking significant steps to bolster its presence in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. In a recent development, the state is working on establishing three key initiatives to further its mission in these fields. These endeavors are expected to position Uttar Pradesh as a prominent hub in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

One of the notable projects in the works is the construction of a state-of-the-art Meditech Park near Jewar Airport, which will span an expansive 350 acres. This park is set to accommodate over 100 industries dedicated to medical equipment production. Simultaneously, a massive Pharma Park covering 2,000 acres is being developed in Lalitpur, with a focus on manufacturing bulk drugs, starting materials, and active pharmaceuticals. This ambitious project aims to boost India’s self-reliance in the production of medical equipment and reduce dependence on imports, potentially turning the nation into an exporter of medical equipment and medicines.

Another crucial initiative involves the formulation of plans for a cutting-edge biotech park in Pilibhit. This park is envisioned to address the import of fermentation-based goods, contributing to self-sufficiency in this area. During a recent meeting at the Biotech Park, it was decided to establish a dedicated wing to facilitate the development, skill enhancement, and incubation of the Biotech Technology Institute.

This institute will play a pivotal role in providing employment and self-employment opportunities to approximately 400 students from pharmacy and biotechnology institutes. Moreover, it will serve as a hub for collaboration among scientists to brainstorm and develop new technologies, thereby enhancing the state’s capabilities in these critical sectors.