16 Children Hospitalised After Taking Albendazole Tab In Sonepat


Atleast 16 children hospitalized after taking deworming tablets in sonepat Haryana. All the 16 children complained of nausea and pain in abdomen soon after they were given deworming tab. Albendazole. All these children were the students of HINDU VIDYAPEETH SCHOOL.They were taken to hospital soon after they showed the symptoms of gastritis. Soon after receiving information, Ambulances were sent the school and affected children were brought to the local civil hospital said health officials.

Dr J S PUNIA (C M O sonepat) said “All children are safe and were discharged within half an hour.

Dr Mahender singh Dy.civil surgeon sonepat said the children did not have any serious problem and immediate treatment was provided to them.
The deworming medicine given to children is approved by WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION and is expected to have only minor side effects said Doctors.


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