A new study found Psoriasis also causes insomnia

Medicare News

Psoriasis Association and LEO Pharma conducted research and found Psoriasis also causes a lack of sleep. As per a new report, 40% of patients with psoriasis experiencing lack of sleep regularly this disruption is like losing sleep up to two weeks of sleep a month.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease and it affects  2%to 3% of the population. Over 40% of people with psoriasis experience insomnia due to the condition. Supporting research results that in the short term, sleep loss on such a scale can lead to mood disorders and heightened stress response.

Lack of sleep automatically results in induce flare-ups, creating a vicious cycle and putting patients at risk of additional serious health challenges and emotional difficulties. And one major concern is that the study also found that patients may not be sharing this with their doctors if they share only then they can get the help and support that they need.

Patients spent sleepless nights and usually get sleep fewer than five hours a night, which is actually an hour less than parents with three or more children in the UK. It also affects their relationship with their partner as it becomes difficult to form close or intimate relationships for 53% of patients and 37% of people whose psoriasis impacts sleep feel despondent about their skin.

Helen McAteer, chief executive officer of the Psoriasis Association said that report results are extremely worrying. She said patients need to be open and honest with their doctor if the problem impacting their life, or if they feel that it is not being effectively managed and agree on how to address this together.

The lack of communication between a doctor and patient can affect the treatment and it is also associated with psychological impact that needs to be identified, and it’s important that doctors think about a holistic approach when providing support.