Chemist arrested for selling pregnancy termination kit


A chemist was arrested after he was caught red  handed selling pregnancy termination kit by a team of health department officials in sirsa on 5th February.

Dy. Civil surgeon Dr. VIRESH Bhushan said” we got a tip off that RAVI BHATIA owner of DEEPAK MEDICOS sells pregnancy termination kits. We laid a trap and asked one of our employees to go as a decoy customer asking for the kit. He handed over a signed Rs500 note”.

Dr Bhushan said the chemist handed over the kit without asking a medical prescription. Immediately the shop was raided and recovered the signed note of Rs 500 from the shop owner’s possession.

SANDEEP KUMAR district drug inspector  said a case under various sections of Indian penal code and Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act(MTP Act)has been registered against the shop owner Ravi Bhatia.The police have arrested the shop owner and sealed the shop.


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