Dr. Advani – Cancer savior

Hope, you all might be aware of the word known as cancer.We will discuss today about cancer and how to fight with the help of the famous oncologist “Dr. Advani”.He is a man with discipline, dedications and determination. His mission is to beat cancer. He is fighting against cancer by curing lots of people.

So, let us know a bit about Cancer in brief. Cancer is the term which gives a terrible sign for wellbeing however there is nothing to stress over. Cancer is reparable now up to a specific degree and if recognized at early stage. Cancer treatment in India is encouraged by numerous healing centers like Raheja, Fortis, Apollo, Jaslok doctor’s facilities and some more.

There are best of oncologists who handle the cancer patients in which Dr. Advani is one of the famous oncologists in India.

Childhood Days:

So, with respect to Dr. Advani, we should know regarding the hardship he faced from his childhood. He was born in Pakistan (Karachi), before Freedom. After independence, he and his family were forced to move to India since he belonged to a Hindu family.

His hardship of life started when he had no place to live in India and it was totally new for his family to move in a totally new place. Be that as it may, some way or another, his family got settled in a little place in Mumbai. At the age of Eight, he was attacked by a disease called Polio and never recovered with that disease.

Presently you may be thinking, how this individual turned into a celebrated oncologist in India.

School and College Days:

Let us know a bit about his school and college days. He did his schooling from Sindhi Medium School and his graduation from K.J. Somaiya College. His dream of turning into a medicine specialist started when he saw people who were attacked by some or the other deadly disease and there were no curable drugs to it. He also remembered his childhood days when he was attacked by Polio and was not cured.

Fight for the dream:

Still you might be wondering, how this handicapped man became a doctor. Isn’t it? Let me tell some more insights of his life.

Dr. Advani went to take admission in Grant Medical College in Mumbai, India. Grant Medical College is a very old college founded in 1845 for medical studies. It is located in Byculla, Mumbai. Dr. Advani failed to get admission in Grant Medical College earlier because he had been told that he was handicapped and how will he manage to become a doctor. He requested to management and told then his willingness to get in the profession. He failed as long as he tried.

Finally, he met a doctor who knew him from before. By looking at his passion, he requested the health minister to grant Suresh admission as a medical student. This is how he got admission into the prestigious Grant Medical College. He pursued his MBBS in the year 1969 and MD from Bombay University in 1973. His strong determination and dedication came into play.

“Nothing is difficult to accomplish on the off chance that you have a solid will and assurance to seek after it” – Dr. Advani

Golden Opportunity:

Subsequent to finishing his training he got a chance to work with a Nobel Prize champ, Dr. Donnall Thomas. He did his training at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Exploration Center, Seattle, US under the direction of Dr. Thomas. After the training, he researched about cancer and with the assistance of specialists; he found that cancer is curable if the infection is recognized in his/her prior days of ailment.In the duration of his training, he learned the cure of cancer and saw that there are very few cancer specialists in the country and had to contribute to the same. So, he came to India.

More than 40 Years of Experience:

To gain experience in the field of oncology, he started working in Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai as an assistant Medical Oncologist in the year 1974. From 2002, he holds Department of Medical Oncology as Head of Department in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. He also holds Department of Medical Oncology in Asian Institute of Oncology and Raheja Hospital in Mumbai.


Fight against Cancer Campaign:

Now, regarding social work, Dr. Advaniat the age of 70, runs a NGO Helping Hands which gives Holistic Cancer Care to underprivileged patients.

Assistance works from Jaslok Hospital and Research Center with a gathering of volunteers who got themselves into the wards every day to keep a check and take care of the psycho-social needs of the patients. They are given a wide range of data and the volunteers likewise assume a huge part in breaking various fears connected to tumor.

The vast majorities of the volunteers are growth survivors themselves or had their precious ones experience this sickness.

Award Winner:

Now, let us know about his awards and recognitions. Dr. Advani has bagged lots of prestigious awards such as Dhanvantari Award -2002, Padma Shri – 2002, Lifetime Achievement award (oncology) – 2005, Dr. B C Roy national award – 2005, Padma Bhushan Award – 2012 and Rashtriya Krantiveer award – 2014.

Hope, you find this article helpful to you and any of the cancer patients. Do share this with your loved ones. And do let me know how you feel after reading this article.


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