Drugs Worth More Than 1 Crore Seized

Raipur : Raipur Police in a major action against drug trade. Not one or two but more than 1.99 lakh intoxicating tablets have been recovered. Apart from the operators selling these tablets among the people, the police have also nabbed those who were supplying these intoxicating tablets to their henchmen.

Giving information to the media, Raipur SSP Prashant Agarwal and City SP Abhishek Maheshwari said (video) that in the last few months, this is a major action taken by the police against misused drug tablets. In this operation, a total of 6 people have been arrested from different police station areas of the city. This also includes a tablet supplier from Durg.

The police had input from the informer that two people were roaming around selling tablets in different bikes near Mukut Nagar of Azad Chowk. They were on the lookout for customers with narcotic tablets in the bag. The police team followed them, boys named Kiajuddin alias Vicky and J Bhaskar were caught from Azad Chowk area itself. 120 Alprazolam, 144 Spasmo tablets were found in their bag. After this the team interrogated them.

Kiajuddin and Uday Bhaskar Rao said that they were given these tablets by a man named Ravindra Goel, who lives in Purani Basti area of ​​Raipur. Ravindra Goyal often used to keep intoxicating tablets in his i-20 car. He used to deal with drugs by making people sit inside the car. On receiving this information, the police started searching for Ravindra.

Ravindra also came into the custody of the police and got 14000 Spasmo tablets from him. The police have also confiscated his vehicle. After this Ravindra reveals that Mukesh Sahu, who lives in the fort, gives it the tablet.

Raipur police reached Durg. When Mukesh Sahu’s bases were raided, it turned out to be a big supplier. It had supplied narcotic tablets to many people of Raipur even before this. 28000 Spasmo tablets were found from Mukesh Sahu, filled in two cartoons, which were ready to be supplied at different places. Input of two more suppliers of Raipur was received from Mukesh.

The police reached Mohammad Hassan and his son Sahil Hasan through Mukesh. The father-son duo living in Goa used to work only on the dealing of intoxicating tablets. By raiding his house, police found 1 lakh 13944 alprazolam tablets, 41 thousand 600 Spasmo tablets from another room.

SSP Prashant Agarwal said that a large number of seizures have been made from these drug dealers. The price of about 1.99 lakh tablets found from them is around 1 crore in the retail market. Police are gathering more information about this consignment. Like how these medicines reached these accused, soon more arrests could be made in this case.

It is reported that a large number of these tablets were being prepared to be delivered among the youngsters. The accused who have been arrested. There were many addicts in his contact. Those who have the habit of getting intoxicated by taking these tablets. These crooks had made their addiction a means of their profit.


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