NEW DELHI: Mankind Pharma has launched an anti-diabetic product ‘Dynaglipt’ targeting the middle class and rural diabetic patients. The company has launched an affordable anti-diabetic product for the diabetic patients targeting the middle class and rural diabetic patients, so as to cater to this growing epidemic, Mankind Pharma said in a statement.

The product, which has been approved by Drug Controller General of India, is priced at nearly Rs 600 for 30 days therapy to a patient. Other gliptin-based diabetes medicines cost between between Rs 1,000-1,500 for 30 days therapy.

“There are 1.9 million of the 62 million diabetic patients in India, who are estimated to be on gliptin therapy.

“Dynaglipt, as an anti-diabetes drug by Mankind Pharma, is most affordable Gliptin with unique advantages and availability all across India and will definitely bring delight for millions of diabetic patients in India,” Mankind Pharma Chairman and Founder R C Juneja said. Also, this molecule could help bring down the cost of the medicines by around 50 per cent, he added.

Mankind Pharma aims to achieve a revenue of Rs 4,200 crore this year and with the launch of Dynaglipt, the diabetes segment would contribute Rs 200 crore to the revenue, the company said.


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