Gurgaon: Not Covid, but city sees spike in cases of respiratory tract infection

According to the doctors, there has been nearly a 15 to 20% rise in OPD footfall of such patients in the past week. Doctors said the patients also complained of headaches, mild running nose, body ache and weakness.


Gurgaon: Hospitals in the city are witnessing an increasing cases of upper respiratory tract infectioncoughinfluenza, and fever among children.

According to the doctors, there has been nearly a 15 to 20% rise in OPD footfall of such patients in the past week. Doctors said the patients also complained of headaches, mild running nose, body ache and weakness.

However, most of the influenza-like illness (ILI) cases in the city have been tested negative for Covid-19.

Dr Ashutosh Shukla, a senior director of internal medicine at Max Hospital, said: “Some parents look more worried when they bring their children to the hospital with ILI symptoms. In some cases, we get Covid-19 tests done as well. We also check if a patient has any history of travel to other states. Parents should consult doctors if their children are showing similar symptoms.”

Since experts predict that more children will get affected during the possible third wave, a lot of parents of children suffering from common cold and influenza are getting worried.

However, doctors attributed the rise in common cold, influenza and respiratory tract infection incidence to the rains and a change in season. Though rains have provided relief from the scorching heat, it has brought along seasonal illnesses.

“Symptoms last for 3 to 5 days and usually respond to antihistamines with cough syrups, antipyretics and B-complex. Usually, the blood counts may show a mild decline in white blood cells and platelet count may drop transiently for two to three days and then recover spontaneously,” said Dr Amitabh Parti, director, internal medicine, Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurgaon.

He added, “As the disease is viral, it tends to communicate amongst the family members, adults and children alike. Thus, due precautions should be taken. Adequate fluids and hydration with fever management and steam inhalation seem to help in the recovery.”

Dr Swadesh Kumar, consultant and head of the emergency department and medical services, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurgaon, said: “There is a 20% rise in the OPD patients these days with problems like gastrointestinal issues, cough-cold, viral etc. This is due to the prevailing weather conditions.”

Meanwhile, new admissions of Covid patients have gone down in Gurgaon, with the city reporting less than 10 daily infections on average. “We have witnessed a rise in cases such as throat infection, common influenza, diarrhoea and other such symptoms, which resemble the symptoms of Covid. We are keeping a close watch to avoid any kind of outbreak,” said Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, Gurgaon.

Health department officials said that they were conducting door-to-door surveys in different parts of the city to keep a check on seasonal diseases such as dengue, malaria and influenza.


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