Healthcare Software, to ease your healthcare agency management OR Empower your agency with a powerful eVero healthcare software

eVero, a technology solutions provider based out of Melville, New York developed Healthcare software that is very powerful to manage the entire process of healthcare processing of individuals with disabilities and involved everyone like families, support brokers, self hired staff, etc.. eVero focus on enhancing the lives of individuals in the human services community 

With the help of the powerful workflow engine of Evero, the software is completely person-centered and Fiscal intermediaries support brokers build it in a way so that they can import or export budget sheets within the software. Everything is developed in the right spot and HIPAA compliant individuals and their family members access the budget any time with the eVero personalized web portal.

The software offers easy to upload or download of receipts and individual can view their information with full visibility. Everyone can get year-to-date spending and remaining funds, self-hired staff clock remotely with ease of a native mobile app. It has the online or offline capability, GPS and an intuitive interface that makes collecting service documentation a breeze.

This powerful software has changed the landscape of managed care for individuals with disabilities in New York State. Self-directed services seem an alternative to traditional services, but for the first time users, this change feels like a complex, more cumbersome spreadsheets, more disconnected systems, more compliance requirements. Fiscal intermediaries are drowning in paperwork struggling to keep up with data entry being digital just isn’t enough, so Evero team knew there should be a better way so, Evero created the solution.

Evero healthcare software offers easiest way to manage data with a fast workflow, dashboard views provide immediate insight into year-to-date expenditure in billable services for any individual.

Self hired staff attendance broker activity and reimbursements can be reviewed right within the system.  Full integration and bi-directional communication between your HR Payroll and Accounts Payable accelerates every step. It also gives a report of how much more can you accomplish with cash flowing up to three times faster and more importantly how much will the individuals and parents you serve, love you for your speed, accuracy, and transparency. 

The future self-directed Services is one simple but powerful software that handles every aspect of the business call today and sees just how easy it is to empower your agency and the people you serve.


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