If Food be Panacea, Read on Manjari Chandra, The Functional Nutritionist

Her Book ‘Eat Up, Clean Up’ shows food ahead for cure of all diseases

New Delhi: The importance of nutrition for good health and wellness was never in doubt. That nutrition nurtures health is a truism. But, that it can cure various diseases even Cancer might on the face of it sound a bit fictional and hard to stomach.

The much anticipated book ‘Eat Up, Clean Up’ by renowned wellness coach and functional nutritionist Manjari Chandra, whose avowed aim is to make nutrition a pillar for reversing diseases, claims this much without mincing words.

The book by Fingerprint Publishing is quite up front and starts with Testimonials vouching how Mrs Chandra reversed a number of chronic diseases including Cancer. By this kind of beginning Mrs Chandra cuts the clutter to hammer home the point that food is a veritable medicine. Sample this: 43 yr old Kavish Chandola had cancer by the name non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Even after excruciating bouts of radiation, chemotherapy, tumour proved stubborn. As luck would have it, he met Mrs Chandra ‘who made me believe that even cancer can be managed through right nutrition. She immediately put me on a protocol of Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).’ And Lo and Behold, the tumour was in remission. As if food ate up the tumour.

So, welcome to the world of Manjari Wellness where pharmaceuticals may be passé. Nutraceutical is poised to be future medicine. The name of the book Eat Up, Clean Up speaks a volume about its quintessence. As COVID 19 leaves modern medicine stabbing in the dark and at its wit’s end even after close to one year and Immunity, which is primarily a function of right eating, emerging as the only most effective shield against the pandemic, dieticians are all set to be main driver of health and wellness in times to come.

Talking to Medicare News, Mrs Chandra says, ‘The book busts popular myths about nutrition, weight loss and a healthy life style. It calls bluff of diet fads and fears and urges to use our common sense and uncomplicated the act of eating. There is need of blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a healthy body and mind. From hypertension to PCOS, from crazy diet fads to life style diseases, the book forces you to rethink what you take for granted as effective when it comes to health and nutrition and how those two are inextricably intertwined.’

Mrs Manjari wears many hats including those of an entrepreneur, speaker, author and most importantly a mother. Having worked for many of India’s leading hospitals such as Max Healthcare, Manipal Hospital and Columbia Asia while running her own platform of Manjari Wellness, she has dedicated her career to changing her patients’ lives by reversing their diseases using modern science and blending it with ancient Indian wisdom and curative herbs along with aiding inclusive health. She is a prolific writer and her nutrition columns in various prominent dailies are read earnestly by health nuts.

In her own words, she will continue to advocate for changes in life style and food over pills in the fight against sickness. She hopes to do more community work and help the less fortunate reclaim their health. Her vision is to bring indigenous foods and healing therapies to the forefront and allow nutrition to become a pillar for reversing diseases.

Her Awards speak for themselves. For her work in the field of nutritional science and entrepreneurship, she has been felicitated with numerous awards such as the ASSOCHAM award for ‘Popular Consultant in the field of Wellness and Nutrition,’ the CMO ASIA World Leadership Award for ‘Women Super Achiever’, and the ET NOW Stars of the Industry Awards for ‘Woman Leadership’.


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