Niti Aayog wants most medical devices to be made in India

The Think Tank has made all the right noises for indigenous Industry

New Delhi: If Niti Ayog, govt think tank, is earnest in its intent, what it has expressed in its memorandum for consultation on medical devices should send Indian Medical Devices Industry in a bout of ecstasy. It has made all the right noises for the industry to be bullish about its bright future.

For Rjiv Nath, Coordinator of AIMED (Association of Indian Medical Device Industry), the memo and the proposed Medical Device Bill contains both song and lyric. He has gone gaga over consultation meeting.

Niti Aayog had called meeting all stakeholders to discuss its proposed Medical Device Bill. The memo sent to them is expression of its intent- The office memo says-   Appropriate, affordable and good quality medical devices are indispensable in healthcare services.  Access to safe, effective and effective and innovative medical devices is critical to ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all, at all ages. India is a booming market for consumption of medical technology. Ayushman Bharat PMJAY has further triggered an unprecedented demand for medical devices. It is also the government’s endeavour to make India medical products’ manufacturing and innovation hub for the world. Hitherto, a select group of medical devices in India have been regulated through the drugs and cosmetics Act 1940 .However there is a felt need for establishing a more enabling regulatory system in India to nurture and boost the medical devices sector.

The National Health Policy 2017 envisages strengthening the regulation of medical devices and establishing a regulatory body for medical devices to unleash innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit for manufacture of Medical devices in India.

Therefore, NITI has been engaged in developing a Medical Devices Bill. The purpose of the draft bill is to ensure that medical devices in India are safe and effective. Further, the bill should create an enabling ecosystem for manufacturing, research and innovation.

To take this process forward, Niti Aayog is inviting key stakeholders for a consultation.


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