Wives making a beeline for Bikini area Rejuvenation

Orange Klinic in Delhi witnessed pent up craving for private zone rejuvenation

New Delhi: Smart and posh up ambience underneath bikini being a must for keeping sex chemistry thriving, private zone rejuvenation is now quite the in-thing in India. As woman sexuality is emerging out of shadows into the open, wives in increasing numbers are visiting cosmetic gynaecology clinics in Delhi.

Their chutzpah and pent up craving for private zone renewal was in full display recently.

Orange Klinic in Pitampura, is witnessing a beeline of wives seeking to get their unattractive intimate turf refurbished. It is due to over one and a half dozen (20) participating wives in two day first American Aesthetic Association Fellowship program in Cosmetic Gynaecology starting May 11 in Pullman Hotel, Delhi under the aegis of Orange Klinic. Surprisingly, they belonged to lower middle class. Organic Klinic is a centre of excellence. Recently, it has collaborated with StemGenn Therapeutics which is a great value addition.

Dr Garima Srivastava, Founder Director, Orange Klinic and a reputed cosmetic gynaecologist, is taken aback witnessing the depth of desire of getting bikini area reverted to unspoilt state.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Garima, President, Indian Association of Cosmetic Gynaecology said, ‘Rejuvenation of private parts among higher middle class is routine and my Clinic get a fair number of clients from there. But what is surprising is that the desire has percolated down to lower strata too.’  Dr Garima is faculty of American Aesthetic Association,

Dr Garima further said, ‘For program, we needed only 12 women who would have procedures for free. Women swarmed to clinic. We had to increase the number to 20. Orange clinic is now choc a block, thanks to words spread by those women. They are mighty pleased with outcomes.’

As age withers and custom stales, woman’s private zone needs rejuvenation. It is no gainsaying a mauled, mutilated and unsightly bikini landscape is repulsive to male partners and adversely impacts sex life.

Dr Garima adds, ‘There are many advanced non invasive methods to cater to bikini area. Mutilation of a woman’s external genitilia due to birthing and slowing down of orgasm and sexual urge is a huge source of suffering for married women. G-spot amplification is new buzzword. An injection enlarges the spot, fast tracking arousal. Cosmetic Gynaecology entails a host of procedures mainly renovation of mutilated external genitalia, permanent hair removal, uterus prolapse (slipping out from vagina), incontinence et al.


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