Alisha Moopen shines @ Davos as Young Global Leader

Aster DM Healthcare’s Deputy MD makes her mark in World Economic Forum

New Delhi: Alisha Moopen, the emerging new leader at Aster DM Healthcare, shined in World Economic Forum at Davos. She made her voice loud and clear and amply showed that she is ready to take the baton from her illustrious father Dr Azad Moopen, the founding chairman of the healthcare company.

Alisha Moopen felt agonised by the sheer scale of mental illnesses plaguing the humanity and expressed her anguish at this sorry state of mental health. She also made her commitments clear to do her bit on this score. Ms Moopen, Deputy Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare attended this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos as a Young Global Leader. Mental illness was key health theme at Davos. Ms. Alisha Moopen has been selected in the list of 100 leaders named as Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum

Ms Moopen said, ‘It is disheartening statistics that we hear about mental health. One in 4 people deal with or suffer from mental health at some point in their lives. There is a suicide attempt every 40 seconds and 75% of mental health issues start before the age of 25. The problem is looming and the time to invest and act is now. This was one of the key health themes at Davos this year and it was encouraging to hear the amount of dialogue and focus on de-stigmatization, access to care and inclusion of mental health in insurance plans.’

Alisha further said, ‘When I reflect back on our own experiences with extending this care, both to our staff with a 24/7 helpline and to our new moms post-delivery, I was shocked to see next to no use of such a service because of lack of acceptance and fear of being exposed. The good trend we are seeing is that the millennials and young generation are not afraid to talk about it. What we need is the government and payers to include these in policies and to allow for our population to not suffer in despair but with hope for recovery. If we never wait to seek help for our toothache, why are we so fearful to seek help for our brain health! We must talk louder and more about this and create outlets before it hurts someone and it becomes too late.

Ms. Alisha Moopen has been selected in the list of 100 leaders named as Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum, who share a commitment to shape the global future. The Forum of Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum’s foundation for remarkable leaders under 40, was founded to fuel new models of leadership. Change makers with the grit, foresight and potential to improve the state of the world are selected to be part of this global group of young leaders.


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