Availability of Papaya pills, Pomegranate syrup flooded the drug market

New Delhi : The Kerala state’ drug department expressed concern regarding the availability and sale of the ‘dietary supplements’ like papaya capsules and pomegranate syrups as they were not approved by any medical council. The State is fighting with fever outbreak and consumption of non-approved supplements as remedies become¬ a matter of concern for drug department.

As with monsoon season, the fevers like dengue, viral fever is very common and the same state is in the Kerala. The dengue mainly spreads from the viruses and transmitted by the mosquitoes. With dengue fever, the count of blood platelets decreased in the infected person and to increase blood platelets, people are consuming pomegranate syrup and papaya pills.

There are 4-5 companies that are selling pomegranate syrup and costs ranges from Rs.800 to Rs. 1,250 per bottle. Similarly, the papaya tablets and their demand increasing day by day as the state have a wide spread of fever and dengue.

The department sent notices to the district medical authorities to aware the peoples as there is not a valid proof for their efficiencies. No testing has been done on these supplements and not comes under the case for the Drug control department as they sold as supplements, not drugs.

And Doctors are also worried as the trend to start consuming supplements without any testing can prove to be dangerous for them. Supplements are not available at stores; people can get them from online stores as well.

No complaint has been registered yet about the side-effects of these supplements, but health department instructed doctors to share a message that we have verified cure for dengue.


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