CIMS Medica presents 4th Grand edition of the “Nutrition & Wellness 2018”

CIMS Medica presents 4th Grand edition of the “Nutrition & Wellness 2018” Conference & Awards on 24th November 2018, Hotel Orchid Mumbai.

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CIMS Medica presents 4th Grand edition of the “Nutrition & Wellness 2018” Conference & Awards on 24th November 2018, Hotel Orchid Mumbai. ‘Nutrition and Wellness Awards 2018’ will recognize the excellence in nutraceutical industry under various domains including research & development, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and other support services in the areas of active ingredients, procedures, practices, technologies, and finished products. This event will recognize the proactive and innovative approaches that leads to the success thereby raising the standards of nutraceutical industry. It will witness the presence of leading industry brands & stalwarts such as Mr. KaizzadCapadia – Director, K11 Fitness Management Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Shilpa Joshi – Founder Secretary of Indian Association of Diabetes Educators, Celebrity Leena Mogre – Leena Mogre’s Fitness, Ms. Nazneen Hussain & many more respected personalities from Health & Wellness Industry. Varied associations such as HADSA, AHPI, AFSTI & Medias like Express Pharma, Krunch Today, Medicare News, Care World, Food Outlook, Beverages & Food Processing Times are partnered with this event. Participation companies include Nestle , Dabur , Danone , Cipla, Sanofi pasture ,GSkhorlicks,etc.

Who can Participate?

Manufacturers and distributors of:
• Dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, organ tissues, glandulars, metabolites, extracts and concentrates etc.)
• Functional foods (whole foods and fortified, enriched or enhanced dietary components that may reduce the risk of chronic disease and provide a health-benefit beyond the traditional nutrients it contains)
• Functional beverages (with ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or additional raw fruits or vegetables)
• Medical foods (foods with distinctive nutritional value that are specially formulated and intended for the dietary management of a disease)
• Pharmaceuticals (medically valuable components produced from modified agricultural crops or animals)

Organizer’s Message
Dr. Monica Bhatia
Managing Director, CIMS Medica

Globally, nutraceuticals are gaining prominence and becoming a part of the average consumer’s daily diet. In India, the market for dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, food beverages, and weight loss products that are broadly clubbed in nutraceuticals is beginning to pick up speed since the Indians are becoming conscious about their health and external appearance.

Furthermore, with the increase in life expectancy and subsequent increase in lifestyle diseases, nutraceuticals have emerged as a necessity for consumers. In developing nations such as India, mortality due to nutrition-related factors is nearly 40%, underscoring the need for nutraceutical products to balance the nutritional intake of the individual. The trend towards preventive healthcare has been noticed by pharmaceutical companies, which have diversified into the production of nutraceuticals.

CIMS Medica organizes the Fourth edition of the ‘Nutrition and Wellness 2018’ to recognize the excellence in nutraceutical and healthcare industry with an aim to generate a positive competitive environment amongst the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, that will result in better delivery of services.


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