Corona an alarming signal for all of us. Entre life of human beings has paralyzed now. All systems whether it’s government or private has collapsed badly. EDP has declined sharply. Per capita income and purchasing power of each individual has badly affected. Pharma Industry has also remained untouched with this effect of Covid-19. Medicine raw material prices are hike each day.our pharma export has also effected needless to mention that the India pharma sector contributes almost 20% in generic drugs globally.

Unfortunately, Indian manufacturers based on China for raw materials, intermediates, and APIs with China catering to nearly 70 percent of Indian pharma companies’ requirements. The Indian pharma sector is an important component of global healthcare.

Industries could not meet their respective demand on account of raw material non-availability or availity on higher rates due to COVID-19. Though the government is encouraging Indian manufacturers to be independent in all aspects it will take time to be independent right from basic stage.

Manufactring of Tablets in plant.

The demand for a particular segment that is essential to fight COVID-19 related patients has increases it may be certain drugs or preventative care products like PPE kit, Sanitizers mask, gloves, etc.

On account of lockdown at many places Pharma industries like others had suffered a lot. The factory staff was running short which has directly affected the production. Transportation system had paralyzed which has created difficulties in sending finished goods or if dispatched it has reached late on destination effected the actual demand of the particular product.

In the pharma sector, so many companies could not achieve their budget. Company representatives and managers are moving without business since many places doctors are not meeting with them with fear of corona.

So many multinational and Indian companies are busy with the clinical trials of vaccines but nothing is in our hands as on date. All eyes are looking eagerly for vaccine availability in the market to win over this dreadful disease.

Elderly groups of patients are anxious for their life children are packed in house and waiting for favorable conditions when they will able to pay and move outside freely with their friends.

At this crucial time, the government must provide free hand and his full support to the manufacturer to become an indigenous entrepreneur so that they can do their best to produce desirable results.


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