The Award in USA makes him a cut above the rest of angioplasty experts

New Delhi/USA: He is a shy guy when it comes to flaunting laurels but this one is different and huge.

Dr. Ashok Seth, Chairman and Chief-Cardiology, Fortis-Escort heart Institute in Delhi, has become the first from Asia Pacific to be bestowed with the rare label of MASTER INTERVENTIONALIST.

He has really mastered the art of intervening in clogged arteries as his maximum number of angioplasty in one day is astronomical 16. Talking to Medicare News, he said, ‘On average I do 8-9 angioplasties daily.’ He is a tireless crusader against coronary blockage. He relates how he never gets tired and answers to the questions of patients even at the end of marathon session with calm and equanimity. He says, ‘5 years ago, I did 42 procedures in a day. Of course, this number includes angiography which takes far less time than angioplasty. I left the hospital in the wee hours next day.’ Dr. Seth further says, ‘but the biggest trophy for me is the optimum satisfaction that I see on the faces of expectant patients, which, in fact, I get daily and many a time a day.’Dr Seth, the ace interventional cardiologist (Angioplasty authority) in India could not foil the temptation of gushing about the award in USA last week that puts him at a cut above the rest of angioplasty experts in India. Thanks to his reluctance to talking about his achievements, Medicare News had hell of a hard time to snatch his bites on the rare award from the midst of his seemingly never ending bouts of navigation through clogged arteries of expectant patients.

In the video clip of the award function, Dr. Seth, straddled like a colossus of interventional cardiology while walking to the podium to collect the extraordinary accolade. The exalted designation was bestowed by the premier Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention ( USA) at a ceremony at their annual meeting in New Orleans on last week, the first from Asia Pacific in the history of the society which is the main intervention society of USA with membership across the world founded 40 years ago by Sones and Judkins ( who invented Angiography)

He was also privileged to be invited to perform a live case on the bio-resorbable stent from South Paris Massy hospital to the Euro PCR congress in Paris, the biggest intervention meeting in the world. He has performed one of the highest numbers of angiographies and angioplasties which has been duly documented in the ‘LIMCA Book of Records’.


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